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Experience life changing moments….

                                                      with Horses!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Bored with motivational speakers, therapist’s offices, seminar rooms and self help books?

Breathe in the great outdoors while in the presence of horses to experience your “Ah-Ha” moment.

The EAGALA Certified Team will design fun, creative and innovative tasks individually tailored around your goals.  They will then gently guide you through that task as you observe and interact with horses.

Experiential activities with horses help people in a myriad of ways.  You can improve self-esteem, build confidence, enhance social and communication skills, explore relationships, develop personal awareness or any objective you choose.   What would your goal be? 

This is not riding and no horse knowledge or experience is necessary or even helpful.  All activities are done with your feet firmly planted on the ground. 


IMAGINE what your “Ah-Ha” will be!



BayStar EquiCenter, LLC P.O. Box 10,  Shandon Ohio 45063 Office: 513-738-4463   Info@BayStarEquiCenter.com

EAGALA Certified Equine Specialists:

Loni Sander - Cell:  513-518-5007  *  Loni@BayStarEquiCenter.com

Mary Jean VonderBrink – Cell:  513-260-4088  *  MaryJean@BayStarEquiCenter.com

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