Mary Jean VonderBrink  

Equine Specialist 

Mary Jean VonderBrinkI have been involved with horses for over 35 years.  Since 1982 I have owned and operated Bay Star Stables, a boarding facility for 16 horses, offering complete care and riding lessons, specializing in dressage.

My involvement with horses over the years has had a huge impact on every aspect of my life and has shown me just how much a horse can inspire everyone.

Through the years I have experienced  many  aspects of the equine world…from competing in Western, English and Dressage to trail riding and camping with my horse.   I have been giving riding lessons in both English and Dressage to both children and adults focusing on the complete care of the horse for over 25 years.

I have held officer positions and have been active numerous organizations such as the Cincinnati Horseman’s Club, The Ohio Horsemen’s Council, and  co-founded The Dressage Company.  My business partner, Loni Sander and I started and developed the Bay Star Riders Program, offering free horsemanship instructions to at-risk and underprivileged youth.

It is wonderful to see the personal development that happens when connecting with a horse.

Loni Sander

Equine Specialist

Loni Sander

Horses have always played an important role in my life, whether it was just dreaming about them and wishing I had one or realizing my dream of owning one.  I have experienced the benefits of horses firsthand and am very excited to have found a way to share this type of learning with others who may not be as horse-crazy as I.

Most of my work experiences have involved social service, volunteering and working in the mental health field through agencies and schools.  I have been exposed to many types of programs and counseling during the course of my career.  My degree is in Psychology although I am an Equine Specialist in our business. I know that self-awareness, reflection and self-discovery are critical to internalizing change thereby providing a catalyst for personal growth.  I know! Who knew horses could do that?

Past experiences include work with hospitalized children and adults, adjudicated youth, rehab centers, homeless shelters, social service agencies and Cincinnati Public Schools/special programs. Volunteer experiences include: Board Member for Diamond Oaks Equestrian Program, Butler County Mounted Deputy Sheriff and other community-based volunteer projects.

Interests of mine include Parelli Natural Horsemanship, dressage, trail riding, traveling to far-away places and new challenges!