What if I am afraid of or uncomfortable around horses?

Great! Your fear can actually be an asset. As you progress in your experience working with and through your fears, you may uncover sabotaging patterns and behaviors that you might wish to change. As long as you willing to have an open mind EAP and EAL can help. Remember, knowledge of horses and/or horsemanship is not necessary.

What if I don’t know how to ride?

NO problem! There is no riding involved. All of your interaction with the horse is done from the ground.

Where does this take place?

Outside! We have a farm setting and most of the activities will take place outdoors in a fenced-in area. Nature’s elements provide a great backdrop for healing and inspiration. An indoor arena is available in case of inclement weather.

How should I dress?

Be comfortable! You will be outside so dress for all types of weather. We do require closed toe shoes or boots. Keep in mind that a little mud or horse hair just might go home with you.

What is the benefit of my investment?

Your “Ah-Ha!” moment! Each session is individualized and designed for individual specific needs. Our experienced staff will make sure that your session is tailored for your maximum benefit. Keep in mind that EAP and EAL are meant to be short-term and can be intense. Results can be powerful and dramatic with long-term value for insight and future growth. Your overall experience is contingent upon your openness and willingness to allow the process to unfold.

Who can benefit from this?

Everyone can! The possibilities are endless. Anyone will benefit from the gentle yet powerful energies and wisdom of the horse. All it takes is a little curiosity and a desire to try something new.

When are the sessions held?

Whenever! Because the program is tailored for you we try to accommodate your schedule. There are no set hours. The intake process will address scheduling your sessions.

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