Team Building & Leadership

Horse Power for Business! 


Our horses are the answer to your business training.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) involves the team of  horse professionals working with clients and horses.

The focus is on learning. educational goals or specific skills defined by the client, such as improved product sales, leadership skills or team building.

 This is not horsemanship or riding. All work is done with your feet firmly planted on the ground.


EAL for Business can guide your team to:


Explore Why…

♦ Experiential activities produce dynamic results.

♦ A stimulating experience away from the office can provide fresh new insights.

♦ Equine Assisted Learning sessions with horses offer the rapid results you have been missing.

Discover How …

♦ Directed tasks with horses build a better team.

♦ Communication can be enhanced.

♦ Employee skills can be recognized.

Learn What …

♦ Dramatic results our horses can produce.

♦ It takes to identify future leaders.

♦ Impact individual learning styles have on the team.

♦ An experiential session with our horses can provide.